Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nokia Frustration

A couple of very frustrating days trying to install Nokia PC Suite on Windows XP (latest patches). The core program installs, but then the Nokia Cable Connectivity Driver hangs.

I've done the whole routine several times:

+ Start the install. Basic flies, Driver hangs. Reset the machine.

+ Plug in the phone, follow the prompt to install the driver. Driver Hangs. Reset the machine.

+ Go to Control Panel. Delete all traces of software for Nokia: PC Suite, Modems, Connectivity, etc. Anything with a Nokia name
+ Go to Control Panel > System > Device Manager. Plug in the phone, delete the module that pops up with a yellow question mark, reboot.

+ Repeat.

It does not work.

Tried the same with the latest Ovi Suite, same results. The software sucks.

I thought maybe the path was the problem. Initially I wanted to modify the installation path, but then finally accepted the default. No change.

I've owned Nokia gear since their start. Nokia's gear is precious. Beautiful. A pleasure to behold. But their PC sync software, IMHO, sucks. When will they support Linux?


I then also tried this with Ovi Suite with the same results. There is a huge latency with the Cable Connectivity Driver that just does not work for me.

My phones are the latest: the N8 and N900.

Not pleased.

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