Thursday, March 29, 2007

Young British Mother in Iranian Hands

Just think of that phrase and all it intones.

And it is true.

This is a young mother from the British Isles, serving her country to the best of her abilities, indeed as the master (coxswain) of her little RIB ship, who now has been converted into a pawn for international brinksmanship between Iran and the Rest Of The World.

They have dolled her up in their image of a woman, with shawl and all. Paraded her before the camera and terrified her into making intonations on video in which her body language and eyes tell us all that she is pleading for her life and NOT conceding.

We have been here before: Hanoi Hilton and beyond.

How can these maniacs be so oblivious to the truth? Of what incredible cruelty are these monsters capable? How stupid can they be? How can they possibly see that such inanity might possibly benefit their cause?

Only, and singly only, by their perception (or hope) that we will succumb to emotional pleas instead of the rule of law.

I am desperately concerned for the welfare of Seaman Turney and her family and her crewmates. I have been there.

But those of us who sign up for the defense of the Nation know, or should know, these are the risks we willingly undertake.

So, shed no tear for us, nor for Seaman Turney, nor for her crewmates. We all knew for what we signed up.

We are the first line of defense against tyranny.

The current Iranian regime has no regard for individual rights, compassion, or truth. They have proven this through this charade.

The Rest Of The World dare not succumb.

Where there is a bully attacking you, challenge him first, and if he will not recant, punch him in the nose.

Really hard.

He will go down hard, with a lot of his blood all over the place.

You can then, and only then, offer a hand and help clean him up.

God bless Seaman Turney and her shipmates. Blessed is she who suffers for His sake.

God bless us all.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today's "Events", or "NON" events

I am rather concerned about what our lawmakers are doing to earn their pay.

In some cases, little or nothing.

In some other cases, creating more work, rather than actually solving problems.

I would prefer they pay attention to detail about reducing the national debt, reducing taxes, reducing greenhouse gasses, dealing with immigration issues, eliminating world hunger, and a host of other things.

Things that are far more important to us all than queuing up a hugely expensive and futile test of the Constitutional Separation of Powers over whether the boss has the right to fire one or more of his subordinates.

Surely our massive Civil Service Corps can find more than sufficient means to examine this navel in great detail to determine whether individual rights have been violated. Why should they need to involve legislators?

Surely, omnimpotent senators and representatives have better things to do, like solving problems that really do affect all of our lives.


Doing their job. SOLVING Problems, not creating more problems.

Political witch hunts are not for what we have hired them to do.

And make no mistake, they are our employees.

We can fire them, in due course.

Progress however slight

OK, I've been doing a lot of learning. Probably the most important first step is to develop a good template. I have yet to find a comprehensive tutorial for doing this, but am making progress, however slight.

I've found

which has the three column format I crave.

But I need time to absorb it all.

I did today figure out how to set my picture. The picture at the top is of me in the aftermath of an awesome experience we had of screaming south for three days on the horns of a gale. It is an image of what I am all about, living life to the fullest, in the most kindly and wholesome way.

Geniet van het Leven is Dutch. Make the absolute most of every moment of your life.

Much of who I am is at but this seems to be a more viable and dynamic medium with the hope of reaching more people, so I shall be migrating that content here.

Watch this space.

Monday, March 5, 2007


Well, here I am in the blogosphere. A new experience, and doubtlessly to be a new learning experience. But that is why we are here: to enjoy life, to learn, and to make the world a better place for our having been here.

Watch this space.