Friday, August 31, 2012

Your rights

If Newport had a vision it would recognize that:

+ Your right to swing your fist stops at the end of my nose

+ Your right to blather away on anything, whether music, boom boom box, weed-whacker, sander, or profanity, stops at the entrance to my ears. Especially after 30 minutes before sunset.

+ And your right to blather email stops at the input to my email box, of which I was reminded of recently. Fine. (But you subscribed to this group, so that is different... :-)

+ And what about POSTAL MAIL spam? We are paying Tommy the Postman to carry around a ton of trash that goes from my mail slot directly to the recycle bin. I don't even open it or glance at it. Pure waste of paper, ink, and effort. Flush.

I don't need your advertising. I know what I want and can afford, and can google for it if I don't know where to find it. I don't need all this paper.  And I can't even use it for firestarter because the ink is too toxic and doesn't burn well... At least normal NDN and NTW newsprint is useful for kitty litter, dog poop, and starting fires.

Indeed, I've considered just leaving the green box outside BLOCKING the mail slot with a sign to leave all third party traffic here...

In the Netherlands they have a set of stickers:

    A green "Ja" - yes I'll take your trash and a red "Nee" - No I will not. They further distinguish between general "occupant" mail and that specifically addressed to an individual, but still their equivalent of 3rd class mail:

Apparently they have passed laws that prohibits leaving trash that you do not explicitly agree to receive.

So if it is not 1st class mail addressed to you specifically (and paid for accordingly) it's toast. Bulk mail is toast.

Seems to work: the postal system gets to suck the goons dry for their bulk mail fees, the bulk mail goes directly to the recycling facility, which (as we have recently been reminded of by the Newport facility) makes money selling the recycled offal, and the customer, the citizen, is out of the loop.

Lovely. Works for me. Too late tonight to research it, but I'd love to know what percentage of people actually use the "Ja" sticker. Very very few is my guess.

Get a real job, advertiser...

We have not yet succeeded in doing so:

But if we can move trash collection from 0500 to beyond 0800 we can win this one also.