Sunday, November 14, 2010

Transition is always a traumatic thing. And so it is now.

My sense is that I lived one life from 0-13 years of age, another from 14-22, another from 23-37, another from 38-60, another from 61-67, and now another from now to ... Whenever next.

Each was a complete package, with a clear delineation between it and the next, so easily archivable and forgotten, for better or worse.

I did read in the Times today that a broken heart really can kill you. The Times have decided to get pugnacious (idiots) and try to charge for their web content (so pound sand) so I can't give you their link. But the article is virulent:

(Hullo, Times, do you understand that you are expendable? Idiots...)

Each of these phases were accompanied by some measure of the "broken heart" syndrome.

To find that I am still alive and well despite all that is rather amazing. At least to me.


So at this point I am obviously entering another phase, starting another package.

There is nothing wrong with my brain, and little wrong with my body, but I have not been able to find a suitable job.

Now, granted, that there are a lot of jobs out there, but the operative phrase is "suitable". I have resources so shall not starve, but it was a lot more fun earning what I did before.

But I have not folded the tent. So we shall see.

The plan is to Keep Calm and Carry On and see what the future brings.

At present, I am in the UK attending to the boat. And finding it all exceedingly comfortable, a complete experience of "coming home". Lots of people who look a lot like me doing the things I love to do.

And so it was in the Netherlands, and to a lesser extent, in France.

Went to the Anglers Inn on the edge of the river Thames by Walton-on-Thames and spent about four hours having a thymed lamb roast and a couple of pints of Hobgoblin, watching the families and their children, all blonde and pointy-chinned and mostly blue-eyed.

Basically people just going along, doing their thing, little girls in pretty dresses, little boys stomping in the mud in their wellies, people just being people and loving one another.
As it should be.


So, smile, share, and be kind. Do not let the remaining 2% of the world take you down.