Thursday, November 29, 2012

Streaming Spotify to Logitech Media Server

Some clarification.

My 9/29/12 post on Streaming Spotify to Squeezeboxserver is still correct, but over-simplistic. It "just worked" that one time. But now works, albeit erratically, unless you are very explicit and deliberate in getting it going.

Oh, and this is a solution under Windows XP under Oracle's VirtualBox ( under openSUSE 12.2.

No native such solution to date under Linux.

The biggest problem is getting DSBridge to start reliably.

In short, we need to be very deliberate and bureaucratic in letting each step in the boot sequence settle out before undertaking the next step. This is determined by watching for blinking lights (disk or other activity, including little window messages).

We have experimented with different start sequences (details below).

It all seems to be happier if your start Spotify first and then the Logitech Media Server Web Control (LMSWC - the browser interface at yourIPaddress:9000), but the opposite sequence also works.

I can't really tell if the erraticity is due to the stack or from normal network latency. There is an eight second latency between Spotify and the LMSWC, as measured by the timer under the progress bar in Spotify.

It is also important to use the correct IP address. yourIPaddress is your machine's IP address obtained from running the command ipconfig in a terminal (Start > Run > cmd.exe > ipconfig). There appears to be some erraticity if LMSWC is opened as but it still works, as long as Internet Radio is tuned into yourIPaddress:8124.

Using localhost:8124 or just does not work for me.

So in summary:

+ Make sure that neither Spotify nor the LMSWC browser start on boot.

+ After all boot sequences are done (blinking lights stop, etc.) then start Spotify and LMSWC, letting each settle out. The sequence doesn't really matter, although it seems less erratic if Spotify goes onto the stack first.

+ Start music in Spotify, watching for the DSB ball (blue).

+ Tune in LMSWC Internet Radio (left panel) to yourIPaddress:8124.

+ Start the player in the right panel of LMSWC. Watch the DSB ball turn green.


Experimental results below:
Spotify then LMSWC
From a clean reboot (let all the blinking lights go out so that everything that is going to start has started:

+ There is a an icon in the system tray for Logitech Media Server (LMS). If you mouse over it it identifies itself as Perl Tray. It blinks alternatively grey and full color until the LMS is fully started. Wait until this settles out.

+ Start Spotify. Let it settle out (get pass initial adverts, get on line, etc.).

+ Start some music from Spotify. A round ball appears in the system tray, initially colored blue. We call this the DSBridge icon (DSB ball).

+ Start the browser (Firefox for me) and start the URL myIPaddress:9000. Apparently it is important to use the local IP address, rather than localhost:9000 ( The last two work, but apparently somewhat erratically.

+ Again let things settle out.

+ In the left panel of LMSWC go to Internet Radio > Tune in URL and enter http://myIPaddress:8124. This "station" will appear in the right panel. This will not work if you use either localhost:8124 or

+ In the right panel start playing the "station". The DSB ball turns green. Eight seconds later you start hearing music through LMS.

LMSWC then Spotify
Alternatively, from a clean reboot:

+ Let the Perl Tray settle out.

+ Start the LMSWC and let it settle out.

+ Start Spotify, let it settle out.

+ Start some music from Spotify. The DSB ball appears in blue.

+ In LMSWC left panel go to Internet Radio > Tune in URL and enter  http://myIPaddress:8124. This "station" will appear in the right panel and starts playing. This will not work if you use either localhost:8124 or

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Facts, Opinions, Conclusions, and Actions

This Nation has hideous problems. Foremost is a culture of Political Correctness, followed by Cowardice.

I won't waste your time here except to remember Walt Disney's Bambi:

If you can't say somethin' nice then don't say nothin' at all.
Sorry Thumper. The world is not a nice place. So you need to make a noise.

That noise needs to be expressed in terms of facts. Irrefutable facts of nature.

Or at least separate sets of facts, each backed up by exhaustive research and documentation.

Once give those sets of fact you then need coherent rational reasoning: IF... THEN...

resulting in a set of conclusions. Again, you can argue about the IFs and the THENs but at least you have a framework.

And at the end you can do either one of two things:

1. Admit that "yes, you have a point."


2. "I don't like that answer."


Some, prolly most of us choose #1.

The rest, choose Political Correctness. (#2)


The advantage of #1 is that then BOTH can say, "OK, so what?" What can we do collectively to make it better?

The disadvantage of #2 is that you are both then thrown back into the maelstrom of opinions and the attendant bodily parts.


So which would you rather have? Fact or hurt feelings?

Decision Point

After several discussions with people of opposing views I have decided to cease and desist from any more sending various thoughts to personal acquaintances. For whatever reason, people take things more personally if the messages arrive in their inboxes than if they read them on a blog.

And, except for the addressees who don't agree, it is preaching to the choir. In any case, a total waste of time, yours and mine.

This hazards personal relationships. So I need to do something else.
Besides, If after nine years of doing this with NO exclamation points or bold fonts I haven't convinced you by now then one or the other of us (or both) are intransigent and oblivious to reality. So goodbye, as far as broadcasts are concerned.

I still welcome personal interchange, but I shall not be silenced by Political Correctness and Cowardice, so instead am moving all these philosophical commentaries to this site.

Here you can subscribe to an RSS feed if you want to be alerted to new posts, or you can put it in your favorites or you can ignore it.

After consideration, this is prolly the best path anyhow:
+ If you're not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.
+ If you don't want to be part of the solution then you deserve what you get.
+ Being a blog I can attract a wider readership, TBTG for Google.
+ Irritating a larger population is better for the Nation at large, perhaps even of people who can actually do something. (Does anyone remember Common Sense?)
So all in all a good decision.


We have hideous problems facing this Nation. No one can solve them alone, but we can together if we pay attention. But if we refuse to listen or discuss we are part of the problem. 

But I welcome one-on-one civil discourse, either by commentary here or at my personal email address if you already have it.

This is serious stuff. Either we all win or we all lose.

Right now, we are all losing.

In these times: Check your Medicare premiums

In these times of travail we are all looking for ways to save money.

Today I received a letter from the Social Security Administration discussing a nasty little bit that our exalted legislators have sneaked in: If you make over $85K you have to pay a surcharge on your Medicare premiums that are taken out of your Social Security payments. 

This one outlines the details:

This one tells you how to complain:

Broader guidance is at

For 2012 the standard Part B premium for 2012 is $99.90.

For 2013 it is $104.90
(five dollar increase).

If you make over $85K then there is a graduated surcharge. Per the letter received yesterday here is the table:

By correcting my status with them today I shall pay a $42 surcharge instead of a $230.80 surcharge, e.g., $146.90 total.

Much better.

They say:


I did have a copy of the 2011 IRS-1040 with my dismal lowly AGI and presented it.

They use a figure called the MAGI (Modified AGI) comprising the AGI from IRS Form 1040 plus any tax-free interest (I have none).

The letter is long (seven pages), but clear and comprehensive. I'm impressed:

It turns out you don't need the form.

So I've saved $2265.60 with about four hours of research and communing with the local SSA office.

That's $566.40 an hour.

Not bad work if you can get it...