Sunday, June 20, 2010

OpenSuSE 11.2 and VMWare Printing

To add a printer to the VMWare VM:
  • Ensure the VM is secured.
  • Edit Virtual Machine Settings
  • Add ...
  • Printer
  • Power on This Virtual Machine
There are then two choices hp#1 and OfficeJet_6400. hp#1 complains about margins and doesn't print even if you answer yes to the query. Officejet_6400 doesn't complain but prints a header page and then prints the page half an inch too low.

OK, try using these on just plain Linux:
No change, it does not print

prints the header

%% [ ProductName: GPL Ghostscript ]%%
resulting in the actual print being again too low. We may be able to suppress the header, which would fix both problems.

So it is not a VMware or Windows problem per se, rather something with the Linux setup.

Checking YaST showed that printing was not enabled for hp#1. So we enabled it. Now it prints (all three previous attempts) without the header in the correct position.

Problem solved.