Friday, April 24, 2015

in incertum sagittam dirigens sui pes

I've been doing great with a remote server, especially with fail2ban, but getting tired of keying in the password to log in, so decided to set up key login. 

As I was doing ssh-copy-id to transfer the key, a system alert message popped up and I screwed up the copy. Now I can neither telnetftp, nor ssh to the server. It just hangs.

Fortunately, the vncserver on the remote restarts on boot, so I can get into the remote to do work. But I want to fix telnet, ftp, and ssh. All three are blocked. They do not refuse the connection (no "Connection Refused" response) they just hang with no response at all. They don't even time out.

That was about 0830 this morning. It is now 1700.

Guess what: 

     fail2ban works. 

Apparently my little farkling around exceeded the three failure rule and I ended up blacklisting myself.

Problem solved and, in the meantime, I've learned a lot about ssh.

All good.


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