Saturday, April 18, 2015

Reality versus fantasy

Rants are good. Political correctness is not.

Rather providential (and gripping, inspirational and comforting) for me after a
few little local tiffs that this piece of paper should drop through my mailbox today;

Frank Capra’s America and Ours
March 2015 | Volume 44, Number 3
John Marini
University of Nevada, Reno

This is what these conversations are all about. Not about self-licking ice cream cones, but about facing reality and solving problems so that everybody wins.

It should not be a competition.

In this case. try coming to America in steerage (remembering the smells) and taking the train from NYC to California at age six. You know hardship, you know reality, you now know freedom, and are hugely grateful for it. His parents literally kissed the ground when they finally arrived in California.

Or, in my case, try being put on a plane alone at age 13 to be flown 3000 miles on a piston-engined DC-4 to America, and not being allowed off the plane in the Cienfuegos ("100 fires", lovely) Cuba fuel stop because I had been born in Cuba and would be taken into custody as a deserter if I left the plane.

FWIW, I then at the tender age of thirteen learned about SOVEREIGN TERRITORY: Any ship (or boat, like mine) or aircraft under a particular flag (USA in our case) is Sovereign territory: any attack against it or its passengers is an attack against our nation.

A bit complicated for a 13-year old to comprehend, but the stewardess explained it and so I did.

Certainly better than steerage, but a some twelve-hour flight nonetheless.

So we all need to  know and address the difference between reality and fantasy.

And now defend that liberty with your life.

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