Friday, October 26, 2012

VirtualBox problem workaround reports a problem with running VirtualBox under openSUSE 12.2. I have had the same problem.

The thread promises a fix. Until that happens I've done a workaround:

    a. As root:
        i. Move the following to a user directory, e.g.,
           /root/VirtualBox VMs

        ii. Link them back to /root, test: Yes, it still works for root.
        iii. Recursively change permissions to your non-root user, e.g., andy:users
       iv. Test: Yes, it still works for root.
            However N.B.: having opened them as root the vbox and log files are saved with now root permissions!
            You'll have to change  them back to andy:users.

    b. As andy:
        i. Link them back to /home/andy
        ii. Edit VirtualBox.xml line. Change:
            /root/VirtualBox VMs/121025_WinXP/121025_WinXP.vbox
            /data/computer/VMs/VirtualBox/VirtualBox VMs/121025_WinXP/121025_WinXP.vbox
        iii. Test: Now it works for andy.

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