Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's the garlic, stupid

Interesting exercise. 

I bought some tapenade for after-choir snacks. Though it a bit dear at $6.95 for a half cup jar. 

So I decided to make it myself with the following results (numbers on the right are dollars - the black olives and olive oil are the dearest of the lot):
1 can 6 oz Black olives 1.43
1/4 bottle 2 oz Green olives
2/7 can 2 filets anchovies
1/8 bottle 2 tablespoons capers
1/4 lemon

juice of
1/4 cup 2 oz extra virgin olive oil
4 cloves 0.25 head garlic
6 dashes 0.1 oz Maggi juice

Yields about 15 cups 4.77

At first it was a little flat. And then I remembered the garlic. :-)

 When you do the math it turns out the little jar is 439% more expensive than doing it yourself. 

Maybe I should go into the business of making tapenade...

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