Saturday, February 18, 2012

KDE 4.7 Window Rules are ignored: Gotcha!

The following applies under KDE 4.7.2, possibly other versions:

KStart > Favorites > Configure Desktop > Window Behavior >
renders a number of options for
    Task Switcher
    Windows Behavior
    Window Rules
If you right click the title bar of a KDE window, e.g., Konsole then select
    Advanced > Special Window Settings
you end up at the same place.

If from the latter you then change something this automatically creates a Window Rule with which you can set all manner of things.

Similarly, from the former, choosing Window Rules gives you a screen where you see a list of your existing Window rules and options
    New …
    Modify …
    Delete …

Unfortunately, you can configure away happily and KDE will just as happily ignore your settings until you middle click the maximize button!!!

Now... that is intuitive... NOT.

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