Friday, July 29, 2011

Screwtape one, Andy zero

Well maybe not.

There were just too many moving parts, too many things amiss, so I have decided to stay until next summer.

In the meantime, working to fix stuff.

Starting with the anchor windlass. But the switch had packed up. So I ordered a new one.

Incredible but true: there seem not to be any shops in London into which you can walk and obtain a part or a tube of caulking. So it is all by mail order, with the attendant delay.

So we got the new switch, but it requires NON-silicone caulk, so we're waiting for THAT by mail.

OK, then let's attack the water system.

Sigh. See the attached report.

OTOH, I get to stay in London.

So who really won?

Life is tough when you pay attention.

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