Saturday, July 23, 2011

Screwtape doesn't want us to leave London

Oh well... :-( We wouldn't have gone anyhow, even if the windlass HADN'T packed up. Force EIGHT!! Good grief!! That's FORTY KNOTS!

Gentlemen do not sail to windward. It tends to get rough and sloppy and spills the champagne and hors d'oerves, and that's simply not right.

Especially at forty knots.


Screwtape definitely doesn't want me to leave.

In my underway checks I fixed the wrench for the cooling system, but then found that the transfer valve was frozen. So I worked that with WD-40 for a while and then it broke free - literally, with an ominous "crack" sound. Now it is *too* free. So I need to finish checking that out to see if I need to replace the valve.

As for the windlass, the circuit breaker had tripped, but when I reset the breaker I found the foot switch had packed up in the UP ON position, so the windlass was continually on, even though the anchor was fully up. So I need to replace the switch.

And then the cooling system cap was leaking - the gasket had expired, so I trekked to Halfords on One Mile Road. Mine is set for 19 psi but the biggest they had was 13  psi. So I bought it and then swapped out the gasket...
Wow. When you go past Wapping suddenly you are in Pakistan... THAT was an experience...

And then there are three connectors on a wiring harness that are dangling loose. I don't know what they are for but have kind of figured out they are connectors for a module that is not installed. But I need to confirm that,  with either the manufacturer or experimentation.

And then there is the deck washing pump that brings up seawater to wash the decks, it isn't pumping except a trickle...

These things happen with boats when you don't use them for a while ...

So I'll get all these squared away and if there is still time head out, otherwise will leave the boat here for another year and have it all squared away and ready to sail NEXT summer...

I really got spoilt having it in NL under the care of the marina - so much so that I have forgotten a lot of the details. I have them in my files but am now refreshing myself.
The more you know the more you know how little you know. 

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