Friday, March 4, 2011

Dependency Hell

Note to reader: This is now 6 March 2011. I have learned more, so am editing this post to change things that no longer are correct. If you have saved information earlier than today then please review this article.

If you upgrade KDE to 4.5.5 or install KDE 4.4.4 development files (as posted later) then you can get Bluedevil to work, so far to the extent that I can now both receive AND SEND files between laptop and Bluetooth device. The strikethrough fonts below demonstrate the deprecated remarks.

  The solution appears to install devel packages for ALL of KDE, OpenSuSE, and bluedevil (libbluedevil1). So while it isn't presently easy, it is  doable


A fresh morning, a fresh start:
Download libbluedevil1-1.8-8.2.i586.rpm  and bluedevil-1.0.2-32.2.i586.rpm. The first installs flawlessly, the second complains about not having kdebase4-runtime >4.6.

This is where we crashed ksmserver yesterday. So this time I just skip that requirement and let it go ahead an install. But it fails.

OK, download and install kdebase4-runtime-4.6.0-287.1.i586.rpm since this time we have the zypper fix for the crash...

But it needs This is provided by lib32-qt, but that is not in the repositories.

So checked and updated the repositories and added OpenSuSE Build Service - KDE: Updated Apps.

We check for the dependencies. We have all the direct ones but as above kdebase4-runtime lacks some that do not exist in our repositories or yast2 web search:


So I am correct. We ain't there yet.

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