Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another dead black beast: bluedevil!!

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The Waveinput contributor bpa has taught (um, re-taught) me a valuable lesson:

+ When pushing the car back up the hill, it is  best to go one step at a time. Tedious, but in the end more effective.

In this case it was one of adding one supporting application at a time, retesting, going back, doing it again.

And we have won:

+ Bluedevil requires the obex stack in addition to bluez! But none of the documentation I've seen describes this. So I have a self-assigned task to update the README file to make this clear.

Basically, we have loaded, unloaded, rebooted, reloaded, unloaded, etc. with a host of different combinations of stuff, finally deciding to do one-by-one:

+ Nuke all associated *blue* apps

+ Reboot

+ Add one thing at a time:
     - bluedevil (and nothing else that doesn't appear as being required)
     - on failure google around
     - discover obex
     -  Add obex elements one-at-a-time, repeat.

+ Success achieved in this manner after adding obexd and obex-client.

New README file to follow.

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