Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today's "Events", or "NON" events

I am rather concerned about what our lawmakers are doing to earn their pay.

In some cases, little or nothing.

In some other cases, creating more work, rather than actually solving problems.

I would prefer they pay attention to detail about reducing the national debt, reducing taxes, reducing greenhouse gasses, dealing with immigration issues, eliminating world hunger, and a host of other things.

Things that are far more important to us all than queuing up a hugely expensive and futile test of the Constitutional Separation of Powers over whether the boss has the right to fire one or more of his subordinates.

Surely our massive Civil Service Corps can find more than sufficient means to examine this navel in great detail to determine whether individual rights have been violated. Why should they need to involve legislators?

Surely, omnimpotent senators and representatives have better things to do, like solving problems that really do affect all of our lives.


Doing their job. SOLVING Problems, not creating more problems.

Political witch hunts are not for what we have hired them to do.

And make no mistake, they are our employees.

We can fire them, in due course.

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