Thursday, March 22, 2007

Progress however slight

OK, I've been doing a lot of learning. Probably the most important first step is to develop a good template. I have yet to find a comprehensive tutorial for doing this, but am making progress, however slight.

I've found

which has the three column format I crave.

But I need time to absorb it all.

I did today figure out how to set my picture. The picture at the top is of me in the aftermath of an awesome experience we had of screaming south for three days on the horns of a gale. It is an image of what I am all about, living life to the fullest, in the most kindly and wholesome way.

Geniet van het Leven is Dutch. Make the absolute most of every moment of your life.

Much of who I am is at but this seems to be a more viable and dynamic medium with the hope of reaching more people, so I shall be migrating that content here.

Watch this space.