Monday, February 13, 2017

Missing Cat

This happens all the time. It just happened again in the neighborhood. 

After having provided this information several times in the past to others, it suddenly occurred to me: why not just blog it? Then I can simply provide the URL and we all win.


So sorry, I feel your pain. My little buddy went missing for a month.

Finally found him: curiosity almost killed the cat:

There was a family moving out a few houses up the street, so the basement covers were open, and curious Hank went in. As they had just finished loading the truck they slammed the covers shut and left, trapping Hank inside. 

The out-of-town owner returned a month later to prep for the next set of renters and heard Hank yowling (Siamese). He had seen my posters, so knew who to call.

Hank had lost five of ten pounds. The only thing that kept him alive was a leaking pipe, so he wasn't dehydrated. 

All's well that ends well and he lived another seven years. 

So in the meantime, some tips:

1. Report this to the local authorities (
e.g., Police, Potter League, Newport Animal Hospital), and other veterinarians and animal shelters. People often turn in lost animals, and like it or not (reality): there are some nasty people out there (some of whom I met in my ordeal) who will simply snatch a pet out of jealousy or just plain meanness.

2. Register with

3. Offer a reward. (The finder refused. Thank you.)

4. Make posters and put them up around the neighborhood. Many owners are out of town and don't read the local social media. For example:

5. Go around knocking door to door.

6. Read up on "Pet Detectives". Google is your friend:

I went with Carl:

At the time he offered a DIY paper with all the considerations for $30 (as I recall), I can't find that now, sorry.

There is a whole culture out there about this problem: they hide in storm drains, get disoriented and can't find their way home, especially if hurt or scared, etc. etc. etc.

7. When you find him, erect an invisible fence so it won't happen again:
     Moriarty in Portsmouth or Warwick:

They are designed for dogs, but work equally as well for cats. I'd put the collar on him and let him out in the yard, so he could do his cat thing of lying in the sun and chasing birds and other critters, but if he tried even approaching the fence within a foot or so he got a nasty shock. So no way to jump the fence. Tough love.

Again, so sorry, but there is much you can do beyond social media. 

I hope you find your buddy.

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