Sunday, May 12, 2013

Preparing to clean the septic system

Today was a day of rest, but tomorrow...

We need to clean the electrodes in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions:

     Using a plastic bucket combine one pint (.5 liter) of muriatic acid with two gallons
     (7.6 liters) of fresh water....

Something in the back of my head said, "it's not that simple." Thanks to McCallie for my chemistry lessons.

So quite a while later after googling about, I hope this makes it better for others:

We were told:
Here lies Gillian, still and placid;
Who added water to the acid.
Clever Jane did as she oughter;
Added acid to the water.
And the reason for doing this is not simply to do with splashing, per se: If you add water to acid, the first drops of water will react completely and exothermically with the acid, very likely boiling it. If, on the other hand you add the acid to the water, the acid reacts completely with the water, and dissipates. 

Results to be reported tomorrow...

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