Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Newport City Council Violence Resolution

There is righteous angst and frustration at the level of violence in our society. The Newport City Council has before it a proposed resolution that, even in its latest revision, is in my opinion toothless feelgood political correctness. We need positive, albeit politically incorrect, measures if this issue is to be resolved.

It works for Israel, it can work here:

Clause # Preface Original Napolitano text Proposed Revised text Remarks
1 WHEREAS, tragedies at schools, such as Columbine, Virginia
Tech, and Sandy Hook, bring to the forefront the
need to protect our most vulnerable citizens, our
children and school personnel, from gun violence;
No change
2 WHEREAS, similar events have taken place in other public
areas, such as the Aurora Theater and work places
around the nation, and even at Ft. Hood, which is
considered a secured environment; and
No change
3 WHEREAS, the President of the United States has issued
executive actions based on the recommendations of
a Study Commission of gun violence, to promote
fact- based, common sense legislation which would
protect the rights and freedom of all citizens,
No change
4 WHEREAS, there has been widespread support among those who
own guns, and those who do not, for the
recommendations that include: the banning of
assault weapons and high capacity magazine clips
of more than ten rounds; reporting to the Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)the sale
of large quantities of ammunition; requiring
background checks on all gun purchasers,
including those purchased at gun shows; and a
number of other recommendations, all of which
will be debated in Congress to control gun
violence in America, which has permeated into
every element of our society; and
Palliative measures rendered heretofore such as background checks, gun-free zones, registrations, and databases, having been proven ineffective time and again; while proven effective measures, such as armed guards, concealed-carry training and equipping of school officials, gun safety and responsibility training for adolescents, restrictions on perversion and violence in games and entertainment media have been effected only to a limited extent or not at all, constrained by politically correct aversion to restraints on First Amendment rights and concerns for individual sensitivity, “Widespread support” is simply a measure of political correctness and proof that substantive measures are being proposed by thinking people, not “feeling” people.
5 WHEREAS, New clause Federal agencies having been at best ineffective at reducing, and at worst complicit in increasing gun violence, (e.g., the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms “Fast and Furious” project that did place thousands of deadly weapons in the hands of criminals), and The ATF is useless, proven by the fact that Congress has failed to assign a director for many years.
6 WHEREAS, New clause prior proposals have demonstrated public ignorance of fundamental firearms definitions, terminology and modes of operation (e.g., “assault weapon”, “automatic” versus “semi-automatic”, time required to empty magazines of different sizes, spray patterns) This one has been beaten to death, but is still true.
7 WHEREAS, the State of Rhode Island currently does not have
and should implement a centralized data base
system to identify all legitimate gun
registrations in the State, including the scope
of concealed-carry weapons, which would greatly
benefit all law enforcement agencies.
8 RESOLVED: New clause That state and local governments embark on a proper path of violence control in general, including examining constraints on perversion and violence in games, video, and other media available to minors; Keeping young minds on the straight path has been proven effective over and again.
New clause That state and local governments embark on a proper path of identifying psychological deviants to include an anonymous free line or web site that citizens can contact to identify people who appear “weird” to be followed up by social workers. Visceral perceptions, while not politically correct, have been proven time and again to be valid. Our system of jury trial is just that: if twelve men good and true find you guilty, then you probably are guilty.
New clause That state and local governments develop properly supervised databases of said psychological deviants, and You want databases? This is a useful database. Not one of lawful gun owners.
New clause That state and local governments embark on a proper path of public education on the roles, utility, and use of all manner of weapons, including firearms,
New clause that such education include education on the tenets of the First and Second amendments, including current law for defense of home and place of business (“Castle Laws”) and the rights of self defense;
New clause that such education be manifested in mandatory curriculae in high school and state community colleges, as well as being offered for fee in community centers;
New clause That state and local governments develop properly supervised firing ranges and training facilities, similar to those established in the state of Israel for the proper weapons training of every citizen. AND BE IT FURTHER “Why Israel Has No Newtowns”
15 RESOLVED: that copies this resolution be sent to our
Congressional and State Legislative
Delegations, and to all the cities and towns
in the State of Rhode requesting their support
on this vital issue.
No change

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