Tuesday, December 11, 2012

121211 Letter to the Honorable John Boehner

To the Honorable John Boehner:

Thank you and your staff for your reply to my various messages.

I had demanded that you use the power - the HAMMER - you have to bring this hideously invasive and spend-thrift Federal Government to a principled full stop,  down to parade rest, by refusing to surrender and allowing the sequestration to take place.

That is still my position. It really would not be that bad, it would take us back to the Clinton years. Not too many people starving then either.

But I can understand why, as a first line of offense, you don't want to push the buggy over the brink.

At  least not until you have been seen to be sufficiently politically correct in trying to seek consensus (which you'll never find) or compromise (which has only a slightly better chance than consensus, as in 0.1%).

That effort is doomed to failure, but I suppose to be politically correct you must at least try. (Somebody recently said something about la-la land, but I can't remember who...)


But you or someone on your staff really need to watch and analyze Bill Whittle's "Where do we go now."


Please direct one of your staffers to me (alavarre@gmail.com) and I'll share my analysis. It is no holy grail, but has a host of ideas that I have not heard expressed before.


So I disagree, but in the spirit of compromise consider this:

+ If we can't push the buggy over the cliff, if we can't gut big government, how about we just break it up?

Send the pieces back to the people. Follow the Tenth Amendment and devolve the power to the people,

Get it out of the Beltway.

Can't be done? Think again: Numerous agencies have been moved to arcane locations, like the Coast Guard Documentation Center being moved to Falling Rivers, WV, the Navy Personnel Command to Millington, TN, and so forth. But they were all at the defenseless GS-12 worker bee drone level.

How about we do the same for the SES and GS-15 organizations, the power centers, not just the poor little GS-12 worker bees, hmmm?

The Congress would delight in such a "redistribution" as long as each cannibal got his piece of the corpse.

Relocate the following:

+ Department of Justice to San Francisco (or New Orleans or Key West, FL or Provincetown, MA). Have them daily confront the issues of perversion, indolence, and immorality and their conflicts with political correctness.

+ Department of Agriculture to The San Fernando or San Joachin Valley (CA). Let them see and deal with the day-to-day struggles against flood, pestilence, and drought.

+ Health and Human Services to Worcester, MA. See every day the food lines and the drunks on the sidewalks.

+ FDA and NIH to Cambridge, MA. Interface daily with scientists and researchers trying to find promising cures for difficult diseases that they can't propagate because of governmental bureaucracy. Pilsicainide FDA approval anyone?

+ Department of the Navy to Pascagoula, MS or even better (wonderfully deep and protected sea detail) to Fall River or New Bedford, MA. Get these bureaucrats in direct contact with sailors, fishermen, grease, and machinery.

+ National Archives to Seattle, WA. La-la dreams, pictures, and deviants in directly contact with real world dreamers, artistes, and other deviants.

+ FEMA to St. Louis, MO or New Orleans. Let them wade through the muddy Mississippi in a REAL flood on the way to work, not one invented by rotating flood plain charts to true north to pay off the insurance companies...

+ IRS to New Hampshire. Hoo boy. That would be a fun one...

+ FBI to Texas. Ibid. You want Second Amendment? I'l show you frigging Second Amendment.

+ Department of Homeland Security and the TSA to Arizona. How's your body scanner working on THAT dried out river bed, hmmm?

And so on. You get my drift.

Put these fat cat bureaucrats on the front line of the kinds of problems they are allegedly trying to fix, OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY.

Break up the SES cabal, get them out from behind their mahogany desks and shoulder-rubbing with other fat cats and make them see the misery around them every day. THAT THEY ARE CONTINUING!

Put them on the front line to fight for their lives and principles like the rest of us. Over time they will seek the company of other People of the Lie and their organizations will atrophy and disappear into the forest.

Or at least become more responsive.

As I said, I've been in Federal budgeting. I know how hideously much pork there is. If we can't get rid of the pork then at least spend it somewhere it will do some good.

On a positive note, I have been impressed with the local Social Security Administration office. But then there *is*  a local SSA office and I can get in their face over a desk.

I can't do that with the IRS or Medicare.

I support you, but I shall correct you.

Do not surrender.

Best regards,

C. Andrews Lavarre
15 Willow Street
Newport, RI 02840

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