Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Facts, Opinions, Conclusions, and Actions

This Nation has hideous problems. Foremost is a culture of Political Correctness, followed by Cowardice.

I won't waste your time here except to remember Walt Disney's Bambi:

If you can't say somethin' nice then don't say nothin' at all.
Sorry Thumper. The world is not a nice place. So you need to make a noise.

That noise needs to be expressed in terms of facts. Irrefutable facts of nature.

Or at least separate sets of facts, each backed up by exhaustive research and documentation.

Once give those sets of fact you then need coherent rational reasoning: IF... THEN...

resulting in a set of conclusions. Again, you can argue about the IFs and the THENs but at least you have a framework.

And at the end you can do either one of two things:

1. Admit that "yes, you have a point."


2. "I don't like that answer."


Some, prolly most of us choose #1.

The rest, choose Political Correctness. (#2)


The advantage of #1 is that then BOTH can say, "OK, so what?" What can we do collectively to make it better?

The disadvantage of #2 is that you are both then thrown back into the maelstrom of opinions and the attendant bodily parts.


So which would you rather have? Fact or hurt feelings?

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