Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I need to flash the ROM (Read Only Memory) in my Fujitsu P1630.

I tried upgrading the RAM (Random Access Memory) to 2GB with third party memory, did not work. I then discovered the statement:

It says I may have to reflash my BIOS to make the new memory work. 
There is an excellent utility that creates a floppy image (1.44MB):


The latest (4/26/11) version of the BIOS upgrade program is at


It is

     MODEL #: P1630     BIOS VERSION: 1.10     DATE: 6/26/09

This includes a program, FlashAid, to run the BIOS update. The README says:

     STARTING FLASHAID:     To start FlashAid and update the BIOS, double click on the     P1630_BIOS_V1.10_FPC46-1582-04.exe BIOS data file that you have downloaded and follow the notes displayed on the screen.

But the Fujitsu file is 2.3 MB, too big for a DOS floppy.
So I need a Windows boot disk.

Allegedly, the Windows XP CD is a boot disk, so if we can boot and mount /data then we can run the program.

So first move the program to /data/computer/admin and then run the XP disk.

Well, it does indeed have an option (R) to run utilities, but it does not recognize the hard disk. And the CD drive requires both available USB ports, so we can't mount the outboard USB drive.

So much for that idea.

OK, next trick. the Ultimate Boot Disk For Windows (UBD4Win) seems well commended:


But we are chasing our tail, as it also requires Windows to build the ISO. We may come back here eventually or use a friend's Win machine to build the CD.

It requires:
     ✓1. CD Burner and blank CD
     ✓2. Windows® XP CD, with at least Service Pack 1
        3. Download UBCD4Win
        4. Run the UBCD4Win EXE file (obviously needs Windows).
        5. Insert your XP CD with SP1/SP2 into a CD Rom drive.
            a. Create a "XPCD" folder on one of your internal hard drives.
            b. In Windows Explorer, select from the menu: Tools > Folder Options > View tab.
            c. Check that the [show hidden files and folders] radio button is selected and the [hide protected operating system files] is unchecked.
            d. Now copy the folders and files from your CD drive to the "XPCD" folder on your hard drive.
        6. Launch UBCD4WinBuilder.exe (located in your C:\ubcd4win folder)

And much much more (another nine huge steps...)

OK, but think again.

Now, Wine is just an API, right? So if the EXE will run on wine will it access the hardware directly?

OK, give it a try, if you don't hear from me soon it didn't work and I'm reinstalling openSuSE 11.4.  But I've read my email, backed up everything, so give it a shot:

Hang on, no guts no glory. Let's try it first on the P1610!

Well, that doesn't work because there is no ROM update for the P1610 and, besides, we have already seen that the memory works there.

So the options are:
  • Gamble with wine
  • Go through the complicated UBCD4Win routine
  • Bite the bullet and get the memory from Fujitu (demanding in advance that they assure us it will work without a ROM flash)
  • Put it off for another day
I vote for the last.

I only need it if I'm trying to run Windows interactively with Linux; otherwise it swaps Linux to disk or is not needed at all. The Fujitsu price is almost half way to the price of a new complete tablet, so I'd be better off spending the money there, once I have it (which I don't right now).

So onward to other mysteries...

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