Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If it ain't broke DON'T FIX IT!

KDE 4.1 has a new "feature", a search engine called Strigi. It depends on a service called nepomukservices. The latter consumes about 95% of your CPU time. And there is nowhere that I can find any way to invoke strigi and make any use of it.

So, aphoristically, I am giving away 95% of my computing power to accomplish nothing.

OK, so let's turn it off. Fire up YaST and go to System > System Services (Runlevel). Sorry, no entries for either strigi or nepomukservices or anything like that.

OK, so then let's uninstall it. Fire up yast2 sw_single and find strigi. OK, done, change the checkbox to an X and proceed.

Not-so-fasto. It wants now to also uninstall all of KDE4 and plasma!!

Good grief!

OK, fuggedaboutit, locate strigi and rename the executables to trash_strigi, and then do the same for nepomukservices.


Look guys, I know you want to be creative, but please try to let something be optional until proven worthy and popular. The idea of uninstalling all of KDE 4 and plasma just to get rid of one useless search engine is ridiculous.

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