Sunday, August 26, 2007


I have a new toy:

Squeezebox is a device that connects to the WiFi Network and streams
audio from either the computer or the Internet.

It requires a server you must install [slimserver] to work with the computer

The system consists of the box, the SlimServer, and SqueezeNetwork.

== The Box ==
The box is ultimate simplicity.

== The Server ==
The server is easily installed if you know the answer.

Basically, you need to install an RPM, install an
startup script
, and especially, open ports on the firewall.

Once up the server can be used to control the box, including creating
playlists and searching for music on the computer, on Internet Radio
music streams, and on SqueezeNetwork.

=== Internet Radio ===
Internet radio offers to connect:

    Live365 Internet Radio
    Live Music Archive
    Slim Picks
    Podcasts - no boundaries.
    Radio Guide - RadioTime
    SHOUTcast Radio
    Switch to SqueezeNetwork
    Tune In URL

Clearly a lot to explore.

==== Live365 Internet Radio ====

I have found interesting content on Live365
Internet Radio by Browse genres. There seems to be a difference in
behavior whether you connect through the server or direct from the box.
Going from the box asks you to log in.

== BBC Radio ==

I enjoy [BBC Radio 3]. But for reasons of licensing they cannot provide a
raw feed, rather have to play through [RealPlayer]. This runs with
[Opera] and [Konqueror] but not [Firefox].

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