Saturday, April 7, 2007

RSS Feeds

I am really getting geeky. Figured out how to add this blog page to RSS feeds.

It took me a couple of hours of Googling. Surprised that blogspot doesn't point it out up front.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (and various other interpretations). RSS is a text-based format, a type of XML.

RSS files (which are also called RSS feeds or channels) simply contain a list of items. Usually, each item contains a title, summary, and a link to a URL (e.g. a web page). Other information, such as the date, creator’s name, etc., may also be available.

An item’s description may contain all of a news article, blog post, etc., or just an extract or summary. The item’s link will usually point to the full content (although it may also point to what the content itself links to).

Well, I spent several hours figuring out how to build the RSS file, tried adding it to this page, it didn't work. And then I found that:

Blogspot provides an Atom feed. Append /atom.xml to the end of your Blogspot URL to get your Atom feed. For example my blog (this page)

has an Atom feed at

It's that simple. Then add the latter URL to your RSS reader and it immediately lists the six postings so far.


There are numerous RSS readers out there. Mozilla's Thunderbird email client has a section for newsgroups and blogs incorporated directly into the client. That is where you enter this URL.

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