Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The worm has turned

I have some awesome BASH (but you can do the same with AutoKey) macros that load my machine on reboot in the morning:
They start a bunch of apps and fill Linux Chromium with a zillion tabs while I brush my teeth and set up the coffee: London Times, BBC, Google News, NOAA Weather, The Weather Channel, UK weather, Newport Patch, NewportThisWeek, The Met Office, The Shipping Forecast, Schneier Online, an a host of others.
The only thing I pay for (besides the Internet bandwidth and my time) is the London Times at about a dollar a day, depending on the exchange rate.
The Newport Daily News costs the same. Which would you prefer?
As for City-centric, Patch gives the Police report, NTW gives substance, including current and relevant editorials, events, and announcements. What more do we need?
Yes, we all need to earn a living. But the new cogniscenti have figured it out: Take a look at SEO rating scales: What matters is Substance. Certainly accompanied by advertising, but not the other way around, which is Madison Avenue shoving eye candy and advertising down your throat accompanied by pablum.
Who needs MSM with their kitty litter container content???
We don't need the MSM to tell us how to think. They need us to listen to whatever substantive content they can come up with and give US a voice.
Or we'll go a zillion other places, including setting up our own fora, such as NewportandBeyond.org and TruthCourage.WordPress.com.
The worm has turned. Thanks be to God. And to the First Amendment to the Constitution, and to the Internet.
So write a script to load each of these and others in separate tabs, start it, go make coffee, prep breakfast, and take your pills, and when you're done with that you have all the world news at your fingertips, without commercials.
And the workspace is ready to go. No clickety clickety of starting stuff manually.
And with the likes of WordPress, set up your own soapbox at Hyde's Corner.
And tell the MSM to pound sand.

What's not to like?

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