Thursday, February 24, 2011

I surrender - Nokia Ovi Suite - Windows XP

+ The Cable Connectivity Driver is hosed. Removing it allows the device to be recognized the first time, except that its mode (which is recognized by Windows) is not recognized by Ovi, which declares that the device is not in Ovi Suite mode, even though it is.

+ The typical mantra (uninstall, reboot all devices, reinstall) does not work.

+ Plugging in the phone gets a report of Bad CDC descriptors. We haven't figured out what that means.

+ Windows recognizes the phone as a Digital Still Camera but also as N8-00 in Ovi Suite mode on occasion.

+ But Ovi will not connect to it.

========== Details ==========  
Ovi Suite is installed. Reboot.
+ Plug in and connect the phone before starting Ovi: not possible since Ovi starts on boot and resides in the system tray.
+ Plug in and connect the phone after disk thrashing subsides. dmesg reports bad CDC descriptors.
+ Click left, right and double on the system tray icon: Nothing
+ Right click the desktop icon: we get and hour glass for a while, then nothing. Correction: after several minutes it starts loading, very slowly.
    Windows Task Manager reports Ovi Suite not responding. Highlight it and click End Task. Then it appears! But shortly after crashes and disappears.
+Reboot without the phone plugged in.
+ Right click Ovi in the system tray. After fifteen seconds it offers
    - Open Ovi Suite
    - Exit
+ Click the desktop icon. Ovi comes up. dmesg has no odd registrations.
+ Plug in the phone. Same as before. Windows recognizes it in the Ovi mode (not storage) but Ovi hangs at a very low rate. I did try touching the USB icon on the phone and reselecting Ovi Suite in case perhaps this had gotten lost, but there is no change. The only choice is to reboot.
+ Reboot, delete the Cable Connectivity Driver, try one more time.
+ Plug in the phone. Now it is recognized. Minor problem: USB Controller Bandwidth exceeded. The USB controller does not have enough bandwidth for the Digital Still Camera. The USB controller wants 95%, the System reserve is reserving 10%. We'll deal with that later.
+ Select the Nokia N8-00. The program responds that it is not in the PC Suite USB mode. YES IT IS! But I reset it in that mode just the same.
No joy, but progress. So reboot, and reboot the phone.
+ Start Ovi, plug in the phone. Same message about USB Controller bandwidth. This time Ovi does not recognize the phone. Shut it down and restart. Still no recognition. Disconnect the phone and replug.
+ Still no joy. Go to Device Manager and uninstall the Digital Still Camera, which is how it is being recognized... No joy.
+ Disconnect, reconnect. No joy.
+ Remove all Nokia software except the Ovi Suite. Click Repair on Ovi Suite. It takes forever, during which I prepare dinner. But eventually it announces that it has been repaired. It has not replaced any of the drivers I had deleted. So start it up and...
    - Windows recognizes both Digital Still Camera and N8-00 Phone Parent
    - Ovi recognizes N8-00
But then slows to a crawl. Windows is now totally frozen. There is not a lot of disk activity, but the CPU is flying.. htop shows it eating 98% of CPU time.

OK enough for today.

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