Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Well, no it wasn't

As simple as zypper dup?


But not that painful.

The first effort left us with a corrupted yast2 (although yast worked) and no network connectivity.

Using a Windoze machine I downloaded the installation ISO and burned it to a USB flash drive. I used this to upgrade over the previous zypper dup effort. All the repositories had been converted, so it was relatively easy, although it wiped the startup splash screen and still no network. And AutoKey was hosed for a dependency conflict issue.

But it fixed the video and yast2 issues.

Searching for answers I stumbled across


It seems they've changed the network infrastructure from inetd to something called "wicked".

That doesn't work on wifi laptops. 


They tell you how to nuke wicked, but it would not work because we didn't have NetworkManager installed.

So we used the ISO once again to install NetworkManager, and followed the rules in the link above to nuke wicked.

That fixed networking, so I now updated everything, which then fixed AutoKey.

So all is copacetic.

Sort of:

The default video is still to big and the fonts too big, and I miss the splash screen hiding all the bootup trash.

But everything else seems to work.

Tomorrow is another day.

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