Saturday, September 29, 2012

Streaming Spotify to Squeezeboxserver

Absolutely brilliant. The author should get a Nobel prize.

Well, some prize...

Easy when you know how: zip, scratch, and suddenly Spotify streams go to the Squeezebox Server and out through your media center.

Brilliant. Raises the hairs on the back of my neck.

OK, stop fibrillating, here are the steps, assuming you have a Logitech Squeezebox: 

 properly set up on your [Windows only, sorry. No Mac or Linux so far] system with squeezeboxserver properly installed, otherwise stop now.

+ Install Spotify and subscribe to whatever you wish. Duh.

+ Go to

to read as much as you care, but especially notice the download link. Go there:

+ This will result in your downloading the aforesaid zip file. Extract this wherever you wish, and then look in the "bin" folder in your extraction. You will find a file dsound.dll.

+ Find the location of your Spotify executable "spotify.exe". 

   Make sure it is the actual .exe file, not just a link ("bookmark") to it. 

   Mine is in
    C:\Documents and Settings\C. Andrews Lavarre\Application Data\Spotify

Obviously yours will be different but of a similar form.

+ Move dsound.dll to that location.

+ Reboot. You will now see a round ball in the lower right hand corner of the task bar at the bottom of the screen. That is your dsbridge icon. It takes on different colors, according to the aforementioned slimdevices link.

+ Start Spotify and start some song singing.

+ Open a web browser and go to

to bring up the Squeezebox server. yourIPaddress is the IP address of your machine. You can get it from
    Start>Run>cmd.exe>ipconfigwhich for me returns
    IP Address ....... whatever. YMMV.

Once the server settles down, go to
    Home > Tune in URL
and then enter the following URL:
    http://yourIPaddress:8124 (obviously inserting your IP address per the above)

There shall be a short burp sound and then suddenly, gloriously, your media center will burst into sound, rejoicing in the music.


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