Sunday, July 1, 2012

Decisions, decisions

It has been a formidable month: gales, hurricanes (sorry, not a named hurricane, just a "mild" 984 mB depression - Category 1 hurricane by any book), et al.

As a result I've only gotten from London to Littlehampton in three weeks and have only a week left before having to go back to work.

I'd like to make Southsea, Chichester or somewhere else, preferably with a pub, greengrocer, fishmonger, and butcher within walking distance.

Premier do good work, but sort of a one-size-fits-all. We enjoyed Eastbourne, but there is nothing there except the marina and an ASDA and some other mall type shops without a thirty minute bus ride....

Emsworth is lovely, except they don't have room for me. Ditto for Arundel/Ford Ship and Anchor.

Bosham was lovely too, except no shops and no marina.

Littlehampton is pleasant and will do, but the the river current is fierce, as is the tide and the flotsam and jetsam. I can find a berth at the marina, but it is still on the outside by the river, so am concerned about moorings, flotsam, jetsam, etc.

I've discovered the MCA river classification site, wonderful.

As we have gone up the Thames almost to Oxford I know that I can handle the Arun Class B river, except nobody lives there with a dock...

Chichester and Northney marinas are HUGE, so I fear that I would only be a number, and as I can't stay here that wouldn't do without special concern on the part of staff. Southsea might be better, but it depends.

Time is short, so even if I could carry on to the Solent then the prices are horrible, so better to go to Poole or beyond, but there isn't time for that.

So I must stop short: either Langstone Harbour (somewhere) or Arun.

So in short, what would you do? Comments welcome.

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