Sunday, March 6, 2011

Success! Bluedevil on OpenSuSE 11.3

If you upgrade KDE to 4.5.5 or install KDE 4.4.4 development files (for ALL of KDE, OpenSuSE, and Bluedevil) then you can get Bluedevil to work, so far to the extent that I can now both receive AND SEND files between laptop and Bluetooth device. 


Continuing to try solving.

The tarball responds

    ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake
Googling suggest running build-essential but this does not exist.

Repository search suggests it is in libKDE4, libKDEcore4,  libkde4-devel, libkdepim-libs4-devel, kdepim4-runtime-devel, or kdepim4-devel, which are not installed. So I install them all.

That problem is solved, but now it can't find libBlueDevil, no problem we have 1.0-3.3 available as an RPM. Install it and try again. But it still can't find it.

So I go to the gym to clear my head and try one more time.

Go search at, choose the v. 1.0-2.9 ymp. Again, it can't find kdebase4 > 4.6, but volunteers to install an older version, I click OK.

It runs and runs and runs and ... claims Installation was successful.

But it wasn't. bluedevil is not to be found.

Re-check yast2: It shows it as being installed. KDE also shows it as being installed but the icon bounces up and down and eventually dies.

Check yast2: it offers updates for libluedevil1 and libluedevil-devel. The latter was not installed Accept these and try again. Now the icon appears in the tray.
Woohoo!! Finally! I can send files to the N8 and it puts them in E:/Received files.
But notso fasto. When I reboot I get the dreaded Unable to start ksmserver. But now I know, although have not heretofore tried
     zypper dup

This command uses the distribution upgrade algorithm, which handles package splits, unmaintaned packages, and similar. Use it to switch to another distribution release.
# zypper dup
It is recommended to enable only the main repository of the distribution you want to install plus a few important repositories you were using (even better - their version corresponding to the current main repository) during a dist-upgrade. You can achieve this by disabling the old repositories using zypper mr -da, adding the new repositories via zypper ar and issuing zypper dup. You can also specify repositories to be used using --repo option: zypper dup -r repo1 -r repo2 ...
This runs freaking forever, but on reboot, all is now working. Well, at least Bluedevil is working.
 Start > Favorites > Configure Desktop > Help > About KDE shows that I have been upgraded to KDE 4.5.5. Totally painlessly.
So now that was so much fun, I followed the advice of
 to upgrade to OpenSuSE 11.4!

Next step: return to resolve and review OpenSync.
Great progress, great day.

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